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Learn all about the various components of the CareTeam platform. From our series of demo videos to relevant articles and whitepapers to our FAQ page, we’re here to help you determine how CareTeam can best support your facility.

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Introducing CareTeam
Get a quick glimpse of what CareTeam can do for you.

PDPM Planning
The Patient Driven Payment Model is here. Tackle the changes like a pro.

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CareTeam Encounters
Learn how this GERHIMED integration can easily optimize your documentation.

CareNote & PDPM


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Already a CareTeam user? Dive deeper with the knowledgebase. This portal can help you with everything from basic billing to learning how to use each component of the platform successfully.

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Facility FAQs

  • Is CareTeam Secure?
  • Yes. The CareTeam application stores little-to-no PHI within the application. To ensure the data passed through CareTeam is secure, we utilize databases with Storage Service Encryption (SSE), which is FIPS 140-2 compliant.
  • What are the technical requirements to run CareTeam?
  • There aren't any special requirements. The application runs directly in your web browser. Every member of your team can log in from any internet or mobile-connected computer or device.
  • I am a current CareTeam user. How do I upgrade my modules?
  • Granting users access to upgraded modules is handled directly on the location permissions page within the application.
  • Can I try the application for free before purchasing anything?
  • CareTeam's fee-incurring modules are offered with either a complimentary number of users or a time-based trial period. CareTeam’s account executives are available to provide demos or talk through your specific questions.

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Practitioner FAQs

  • What is PDPM and why does it matter?
  • PDPM represents a significant shift in how facilities are reimbursed for patient care. PDPM moves the emphasis from therapy hours to the complexity of care each patient requires, such as why the person is in the facility in the first place. This shift calls for greater coordination, communication, and collaboration between clinicians and the entire team at the facility. This optimized workflow requires tools and technology that allow for data to be collected, tracked, and analyzed promptly, accurately, and easily.
  • How does CareTeam address PDPM from a clinician’s perspective?
  • Tools like the CareTeam PDPM ICD-10 Verification are vital, as PDPM is about both reimbursement and clinical outcomes. The more thorough the communication and accurate the documentation, the better equipped the team will be to identify care needs, establish patient-centric goals and care plans, and get each patient home safely and swiftly. These tools result in happier patients with better outcomes, facilities that receive adequate, accurate reimbursements and more referrals, and clinicians who are valued and in demand as care partners and team leaders.
  • Is there a limit on the number of messages or files that can be sent with CareTeam?
  • The CareNote communication tool is a HIPAA-compliant means of sharing and storing data, PDFs, videos, and pictures. The complimentary CareTeam core package comes with unlimited messaging and file sharing.
  • With which LTAPC EHRs is CareTeam interoperable?
  • The CareTeam platform is EHR-agnostic, so it can successfully connect the dots across your IDT no matter which documentation system you use. CareTeam is currently integrated directly with GEHRIMED and is actively seeking additional integration partners.

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Contact Support

For any other questions you may have regarding the CareTeam platform, our support team is ready to assist you. Simply call us at 1(800)341-0256 or email us at