Register for CareTeam

You may register for a 60-day trial for CareTeam as an Organization with one or more Facilities. To register you will need:

  1. Your Organization’s or Facility’s Contact Information
  2. Your Facility’s/Facilities’ CMS Certified Number(s) (CCN)
  3. Your Facility’s/Facilities’ National Provider Identifier(s) (NPI)

During your initial registration you must enter one Facility’s CCN and NPI – additional Facilities may be added later in your organization setup.

After you complete your CareTeam registration you should complete the Business Associate’s Agreement to enable full CareTeam functionality:

  • Minimum Data Set Upload
  • Patient Availability in CareNote
  • Patient Insights (Upcoming feature!)

Email the signed Business Associate’s Agreement to You will receive the final version of the document from GPM for your records.

Questions & Answers

Is CareTeam secure?

Yes! CareTeam is a secure application that requires users to install a two-factor authenticator application (Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator) on their personal mobile device, and use the authenticator when they login to their CareTeam account.

 How does the free 60-day trial work?

We do not require your payment information during the trial period. Register for your account and get immediate access to CareTeam features for the 60-day trial period – including any new features as they roll out! Before your trial ends you will be contacted by a CareTeam Account Manager to help you set up your paid account.

What happens to my CareTeam if I don’t sign up for a paid account?

CareTeam does offer a limited free account. All work and information created in CareTeam during your trial will remain intact. If you do not sign up for a paid account, you may continue with the limited free version of CareTeam!

What are the billing options?

Once your trial expired you can pay by credit card or set up invoicing.

*Who signs the BAA?

The BAA should be signed by an individual with legal signing authority within the company.

 I still have questions — who should I contact?

Email us at or call (800) 341-0256