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Connecting the senior care continuum.

CareTeamTM is a collaboration platform that connects Long-Term Care/Post-Acute Care (LTPAC) Physicians with Senior Care Facilities by enabling real-time information exchange.

  • Identify & manage patient risk across care settings.
  • Improve outcomes, optimize documentation & gain valuable insights.
  • Maximize reimbursements under PDPM.

Better patient population insights

The CareTeam platform includes:

  • Physician Encounters

  • CareNote Communications

  • Patient Insights

  • PDPM Screener

Encounter Access

Physician Encounters

Search: ICD-10 Codes, patients by name, date of service. Download pdfs, export encounter data to facility EHR & more.

Complete, timely and accurate encounter data are critical to effectively manage patient populations. CareTeam delivers live encounter data from GEHRIMED EHR. Real Time delivery of this data gives Nursing Home Facilities immediate access to practitioner’s notes to ensure better patient care and timely completion of 5-day MDS for PDPM purposes.

Demo: See Encounters in Action

Secure Clinical Messaging

CareNote Communication

Communications and documentation designed specifically for Skilled Nursing Facilities.

CareNote makes it easy for Senior Care Nurses to continue collaboration and manage changes in conditions with practitioners, pharmacists, and hospital staff. The entire care team can send messages, stay informed, and manage patient care. CareNote enables off-site practitioners to evaluate nursing assessments and provide real-time care decisions.

Demo: Realtime Messaging, as easy as MMS.

Patient Insights

Patient Insights

Automated clinical alerts, patient care maps and real-time health risk assessments tell the patient's whole story.

Powered by Patient Pattern, the Patient Insights module helps to focus often limited resources on those patients that are most at risk for poor outcomes before they occur. Our Live Analytics dashboard enables you to identify opportunities for improvement by tracking quality metrics and analyzing frailty-based risk in real-time.

Demo: Preview Patient Frailty Scores

Patient Insights

PDPM Screener

Don't sweat the new Patient Driven Payment Model - CareTeam helps improve outcomes and increase reimbursements.

Powered by Patient Pattern, the CareTeam PDPM Screener allows you to seamlessly integrate the Patient Driven Payment Model into your workflow before PDPM regulations go into effect. As an added benefit, you’ll also be improving the quality of patient care and communication throughout your facility.

Demo: Preview the PDPM Screener

PDPM arrives in

Don't get caught unprepared!


CareTeam modules are available a la carte and are charged by location. Select modules are charged per user per location with a discount based on user volume.


$0 Per Month

Immediate access to
GEHRIMED encounters.

  • Signed Encounter data
  • Optimized ICD-10 codes
  • Formatted for immediate use

Learn: More about CareTeam


$0 Per Month

Access to Dashboard & HRA via PatientPattern

  • Frailty Risk Score & HRA
  • Medicare patient breakdown
  • Outcome data & Quality Metrics

Upgrade: Premium Insights


$0 Per Month

Instant, asynchronous communications

  • Intuitive, 'SMS-like' interface
  • Real-time communications
  • Safe & Secure document sharing

Upgrade: Additional CareNote users

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CareTeam Secure?

Yes. The CareTeam application stores little to no PHI within the application. To ensure the data passed through CareTeam is secure, we utilize databases with Storage Service Encryption (SSE) which is FIPS 140-2 compliant.

Can I evaluate the application for free before purchasing anything?

CareTeam's fee-incurring modules are offered with either: a complimentary number users or a time-based trial period. CareTeam's account executives are available to provide demos or to talk through your specific questions.

What are the technical requirements needed to run CareTeam?

There are no special requirements; the application runs directly in your web browser. Every member of your team can log-in from any internet or mobile connected computer or device.

I am a current CareTeam user. How do I upgrade my modules?

Granting users access to upgraded modules is handled directly through the location permissions page within the application.

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